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Offer for Heavy Users

How often do you exchange currency? Do you want to do it even cheaper?

Regular commission in is 0.29%

Buy one of our Promotional Subscriptions and lower your commission up to 0,0001%

You can choose one of three available subscriptions:

  • Brown: 199PLN per month – commission lowered to 0,15%
  • Silver: 999PLN per month – commission lowered to 0,10%
  • Gold: 1999PLN/ per month – commission lowered to 0,0001%

In order to activate the subscription just transfer an adequate amount of money to the PLN Walutobox bank account, assigned to your account. (The same that you use for normal payment for exchange). In the transfer title enter your e-mail address and name of the subscription you choose. In one day your subscription will be activated, you will be informed by e-mail. This information will also be available in your "Profile" site on Walutobox. In all subscriptions there is still the minimum commission of 0.01 units of exchanged currency.

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