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W związku z rozpoczęciem procesu zawieszania działalności serwisu WalutoBox.pl pragniemy poinformować, iż od dnia 15.09.2018r możliwość wpłat oraz składania zleceń zostanie zablokowana. Składanie dyspozycji wypłaty będzie nadal możliwe.

Z poważaniem, Zespół WalutoBox.pl


How to exchange currencies?

In order to exchange currencies in WalutoBox you must sign up, provide the numbers of your accounts by which you will be able to make a deposit and withdraw the capital accordingly to the currencies you want to exchange, make a deposit in the given accounts and place an order defining the rate limit. Once the exchange is successful, the capital is ready to be automatically transferred to your bank account.

Exchange step by step

  1. Registration
    Registration in WalutoBox is free. In order to register click the button Registration in the upper right corner of the page.
    Select user
    • Individual client

    • Company – if you run an economic activity, represent a company,
    • an organization or a foundation which is registered in Poland
    Fill in the registration form – all fields must be filled WalutoBox does not transit personal data of the users to others, your data are used only within the Service.
    • Prerequisite for registration and correct functioning of your account/profile is entering correct data.
    Enter e-mail address.
    • All information concerning operations on the account will be sent on this address.
    Enter phone number
    • Number must be entered without any additional characters and spaces ( e.g. 500XXXYYY) Messages concerning transactions will be sent to this phone number. Make sure that your phone is working and is reachable.
    Enter password
    • Password must have at least 6 characters.
    How to create safe password?
    The password should consist of at least 6 characters, including lower and upper case letters (a-z or A-Z), numbers (0-9) and special characters (?_!@#$).
    Enter personal or company data
    • In the case of an individual client you will be asked to enter the Polish resident identification number (PESEL)
    • In the case of a company you will be asked to enter form of organization, tax identification number and Polish resident identification number (PESEL) of the body that represents company
    Read the Regulations.
    • Read the Regulations. It is the on-line Agreement between the User and the operator of Walutobox, Moje Waluty Ltd company. The prerequisite for using Walutobox is acceptance of the Regulations. Next, click the button I accept the Regulations.
    Confirm entered data.
    Check if you entered correct data. If you want to check again, click Back. If the data is correct , enter confirmation code which has been sent to your mobile phone and click Confirm. We will send the account activation link to your e-mail address. In order to activate the account in WalutoBox, check your mail Box. In the message from WalutoboX you will find the activation link, click it. You will be redirected automatically to the webpage www.walutobox.pl. Your account is then active. You can now exchange currencies. Read other guidebooks and FAQ.

  2. Add bank accounts
    In order to add a new bank account enter the webpage WalutoBox.pl -> My wallet -> New account.
    • Specify the currency of the added account (PLN, EUR, USD, CHF, GBP)
    • Enter bank account number (26 numbers, with or without spaces) and then click Add
    • The System will ask you to confirm the data, if you want to correct data, click Back; if the data is correct click Confirm, And the account will be added.
    To delete the account , enter the webpage WalutoBox.pl -> My wallet -> List of accounts. At the selected account you want to delete click Delete account. If you confirm deleting account, enter the verification code which has been sent to your mobile phone and click Confirm. The account will then be deleted.

  3. Deposits into the account in WalutoBox
    To make a deposit in WalutoBox, enter the page WalutoBox.pl -> My payments -> Deposits
    • Click New deposit
    • Select the currency you want to deposit
    On the right the data, necessary to transfer money will appear:
    • Account number into which you must transfer money.
    • Recipient Data – owner of bank accounts is Moje Waluty Ltd. – operator of WalutoBox.pl.
    • Title of transfer – a sequence of numbers, which is indispensable for booking the capital correctly into your account in WalutoBox.
    Obtained information should be used only to make a deposit in the given currency, from the given bank.
    Enter the webpage of your bank and transfer money into the given account, enter in the tile of the transfer given sequence of numbers. If possible, select a "SHA" payment option.
    IMPORTANT: Capital is booked in WalutoBox at the following hours: 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00. 12:30, 13:00. 13:30, 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30, 16:00, 16:30, 17:00, 17:30, 18:00.

  4. Exchange
    In order to exchange currencies, enter the webpage WalutoBox.pl -> My orders -> New order
    • Specify parameters of the exchange order
    • Select the currency to exchange
    • Enter amount to exchange ( it cannot be higher than your capital in WalutoBox in the given currency)
    • Select the currency you want to purchase
    • Enter rate limit at which the order will be made
    IMPORTANT: if you want to transfer immediately, enter the exchange rate of the pending order of other users from the table The best available orders can be seen on the right.
    If you enter a different rate, your order will be pending and will be realized when other users accept your rate.
    IMPORTANT: After the exchange is successful, capital is automatically ready to be transferred into your bank account.
    The Accounting is created in a time between 15 min to 2h, during working days from 9AM to 6PM. If you have an account in a different bank than WalutoBox, the transfer will be made by SHA, SWIFT type. This means that, it is possible that the additional charges will be charged.
    If you have an account in a different bank than WalutoBox, from the amount obtained after the exchange and charged commission, a transfer fee will be charged.
    If the capital is not sufficient to be charged, the capital obtained after the exchange will be booked into your account in WalutoBox.

  5. Withdrawal
    To withdraw the capital, enter the webpage WalutoBox.pl -> My payments -> Withdrawals
    • Click New withdrawal
    • Select account number, from which you want to withdraw money
    • Enter the amount you want to withdraw ( it cannot be higher than your capital in the selected account)
    • Withdrawals to banks at which we have accounts are free of charge. For withdrawals to other banks there is a charge
    • Click Confirm, and an SMS code will be sent to the phone number you have entered during the registration
    • Retype the received SMS code in the field on the confirmation page
    • Check if the entered data is correct, if the data is incorrect click Correct, if the data is correct click Confirm
    • The money are Accounting in a time between 15 min to 2h, during working days from 9AM to 6PM.


Who can be a user of WalutoBox.pl?

An account in WalutoBox.pl can be opened by any adult who has a Polish resident identification number (PESEL). The user can be a natural legal person but also a person who represents a company, an organization or a foundation.

List of supported banks

WalutoBox supports transactions made through all banks which are located in Poland. Currently WalutoBox has accounts in the following banks:
  • Bank Zachodni WBK
  • Kredyt Bank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • ING Bank
  • Millennium Bank
  • Alior Bank / Alior Sync
Transactions within these banks are free of charge and immediate. In the case of other banks, transactions are made as standard domestic and currency transactions In the future we intend to broaden the list of banks we have accounts in.

List of supported currencies

Currently supported currencies are:
  • PLN
  • EUR
  • USD
  • GBP
  • CHF

What is the minimal currency which can be exchanged?

Minimum currency which can be exchanged:
  • 1 PLN,
  • or
  • 1 EUR,
  • or
  • 1 USD,
  • or
  • 1 GBP,
  • or
  • 1 CHF

What are the criteria of being a user of WalutoBox?

  • Polish resident identification number (PESEL) – it is indispensable to open an account in WalutoBox.pl (in case of a company, a tax identification number)
  • Mobile phone
  • Bank account(s) in Poland, in currencies you want to exchange
  • Computer with access to the Internet and an internet browser

Can I change the parameters of orders in process?

No, it is not possible. The only way to make such changes is to cancel the given order (if the order is not in progress) and, next, create a new one with modified parameters.

Can I cancel currency exchange orders?

Yes, to do so, enter WalutoBox.pl -> My orders -> List of orders ,and next click the cancel the order button.
WARNING! An order can be in progress. In that case the amount which has already been exchanged will be transferred into account in the numerator currency, and the remainder will go back into the source account.
Remember that the given amount ,from the moment of clicking the button to the moment of accepting an order of cancellation can be changed.

Can I exchange currencies during holidays?

Yes, WalutoBox.pl works around the clock, 24/7 and for the whole week. All kinds of exchange operations in WalutoBox are possible during holidays.
Beware of delays with transfers of money within banks which do not usually support orders during holidays.

What is an SMS code?

It is a sequence of characters, generated automatically by WalutoBox, which is sent to a user’s phone number, which has been entered during registration, in order to confirm major operations. It is a disposable code and valid for 5 minutes from the moment of sending.

Account deletion from WalutoBox

If you want to delete your account from WalutoBox.pl, enter WalutoBox.pl -> Profile, and click Delete account At the bottom.
In order to verify,an SMS code will be sent to your phone. You must enter it on the webpage.
After entering the SMS code and clicking the button Confirm, your account will be finally deleted.
Account deletion cannot be cancelled. In order to continue to be a user of Walutobox you must register again.
WARNING! Account deletion is possible only when the balance of the given user of WalutoBox is neutralized.

Personal data modification

In order to modify personal data enter WalutoBox.pl -> Profile ,and change your data.
Every modification must be confirmed by entering the current password to WalutoBox and clicking Save.

What happens to the capital deposited in WalutoBox?

Capital deposited to the wallet wait for the user to order an exchange in unchanged form in bank account of WalutoBox (in the amount and currency which has been deposited).
Bank accounts of WalutoBox belong to Moje Waluty Ltd. , which in no way makes use of the deposited money. Users’ capital does not support the existence of company and is not invested when waiting for an exchange.

I have not received any SMS confirmation

In case you do not receive an SMS confirmation code, you should check if the phone has access to the operator or simlpy switch it off and on again.
Additionally you should check if the number is current. In order to do so you should enter WalutoBox.pl -> Profile
If the problem persists, please contact us.

Safety in WalutoBox.pl

WalutoBox allows exchanging currencies safely. We allow ordering currency exchanges only within the capital deposited in WalutoBox. All significant transactions are confirmed by SMS codes.

Capital protection: The prerequisite for exchanging currencies via WalutoBox is transferring capital to the WalutoBox system. The amount of the order cannot be higher than the balance of the account in WalutoBox.

Transaction protection: Each withdrawal is confirmed by an SMS code which is sent to the phone number entered during registration.

WalutoBox – legal basis

When registering in Walutobox, users conclude the agreement with Moje Waluty Ltd. The integral part of the agreement between users and the company is the Regulations. The Regulations determine the rights and obligations for both users and the company. The contents of the Regulations are available on the webpage: WalutoBox.pl -> Regulations

How long does it take to exchange currencies?

Order of exchange is not valid for the specific period of time and remains active until adequate offers of other users appear or when you delete the order.
Order completion depends on the selected exchange rate. In order to exchange quickly, set a more competitive rate and your order will be completed earlier.
On the webpage: WalutoBox.pl -> Market -> Offers you can find the list of current orders in WalutoBox.pl
If you select the exchange rate of the order, located at the top of the table, your offer will be completed immediately.

What fees do I have to pay if I am a user of WalutoBox.pl?

Registration and using WalutoBox is free of charge.
Deposits and withdrawals from WalutoBox are free of charge on condition that they are done in one of the banks in which WalutoBox has an account.
If a user has an account in different bank other than WalutoBox, a transfer fee is charged. It is PLN- 2,00 PLN, in the case of transfer in EUR it is - 3,00PLN or in the case of transfer in other currencies (USD, CHF, GBP) in amount of - 0.25% min 7,00zł.
Warning: Transfers in CHF into the account of ING are also realized as external currency transfers. It means the charge of 0,25% min 7,00zł.
The amount of commission charged from the completed order is – 0.29% , the commission is rounded off. Commission is charged only if money is exchanged. The commission is measured shortly after the order is completed and it reduces the amount obtained after the exchange. The lowest possible commission is 0,01 (PLN or EUR or USD or GBP or CHF). Commission is rounded up to 0,01 of currency unit.
WalutoBox invoices for its services.
Check current special offers!

Withdrawal fees in WalutoBox

Table of withdrawal fees within WalutoBox:


0 zł

Kredyt Bank
ING 0,25%
min 7,00 zł
Deutsche Bank
Alior Bank / Alior Sync
Other banks 2 zł 0,25% min 3 zł 0,25% min 7 zł

Currency rates in WalutoBox.pl

Currency rates in WalutoBox.pl are downloaded from Google.
We update every 3 hours.

Special offers

Current special offers are available on the webpage WalutoBox.pl -> News -> Special offers

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